Bakels Soft Fondant Icing RTU is the icing that you see used on top of donuts. It can also be used to ice cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! Simply heat the product and you can either pour it over your item, or dip it.


If the soft fondant is tempered correctly, if will give a superior shine when set. The white fondant can be flavoured. Apart from the traditional use of fondant, Bakels soft fondant can be used to replace part of the icing sugar in buttercream or mock cream. It can also be used to make soft and fudge icings which will have a smoother consistency. If you follow the rules and methods you will obtain a good gloss in most instances.



  • Heat the fondant in bain-marie to 40°C - 43°C or over waterbath method. If the correct consistency is not achieved at this temperature, add some stock syrup. Never use water as water dilutes the sugar in FONDANT and results in loss of gloss. The stock syrup recipe is below.
  • Colours or flavours should be added at this stage. Note alwasys use Gel Colourings!
  • It is not good practice to warm excess amounts of FONDANT since each time it is warmed, there is a resultant loss of gloss. If using previously warmed soft fondant, it is necessary to have at least 70% new FONDANT in the pot.
  • After use, fondant pots must be scraped down on the inside and wiped on the outside to stop hard lumps of fondant forming on the side. These lumps will contaminate the next batch of warmed fondant.
  • FONDANT left in pots must be covered with a damp, clean cloth, plastic (cling wrap) or a small amount of water used on top to stop fondant skinning. Never use stock syrup as it will crystallise.



1.200 kg sugar

1.000 kg water

Bring to boil. Allow to cool. Place in a container for future use.




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