Yield: From 500g pack you can expect to make approximately 24 large shells or 48 small shells. Please note that this is only a guide as it really comes down to how large you pipe the macaron shells.

Made of egg whites, sugar, almond meal and your choice of flavour.


Recreate these delicate almond infused meringues with ease using Bakels Macaron Mix . . . just add water. First to the Australian market, this mix guarantees to produce smooth, dome shaped, moist Macarons that melt in your mouth.

Prep time:30 min

Cook Time: 25min

Compliment this innovative product with Bakels Pastes or Fillings to add vibrancy and elegance to your range. Limited only by your imagination, Bakels Macaron Mix is sure to inspire!


500g Bakels Macaron Mix

120ml water

Americolor Food Gel Colour


  1. Place water and liquid colour into bowl (total liquid must not exceed 120g including liquid colour)Add 500g Macaron mix
  2. Add 500g Macaron mix
  3. Blend for one minute on slow and scrape down
  4. Beat on top speed using a beater for 6 minutes
  5. Pipe onto baking trays lined with silicon paper
  6. Allow to stand for approximately 20 minutes
  7. Bake at 160 – 165C for approximately 20 – 25minutes
  8. Allow to cool
  9. Sandwich two macarons together using your favourite filling


Sugar, Almond meal (30%), Whipping agent (emulsifiers (472b, 477), glucose, milk solids), Egg Albumen Powder, Maize Starch, Emulsifier (472e, 481), Thickener (1414), Salt, Vegetable gum (415), Acidity regulator (330)

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