Green Velvet Cake Mix 1Kg

Green Velvet Cake Mix 1Kg

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Green Velvet Cake Mix

Vizyon Green Velvet Cake Mix provides a high volume with a fine, soft texture. Perfect for commercial baking as well as home cooking and cake making. Made using genuine natural colourants combined with a complementing flavour, they provide a soft crumb and velvety texture. Plus with its unique mix, you will achieve greater volume per bag and a lofty yield per cake.

With a fantastic taste and texture, the Vizyon Velvet Cake mix provides a genuine, natural flavour with a vivid colour and velvet texture. Along with being freeze-thaw stable, Vizyon Velvet Cake mixes will retain their moistness, softness and freshness over a longer period.

Simplify your baking processes and maintain a consistent flavour and quality which can be both time and labour saving as well as great economical savings overall.

The Green Velvet Cake mix has a distinct green colour which comes from natural chlorophyll colourants. In addition you will find it’s flavour is a pistachio taste stemming from the pistachio and turmeric flavouring.

The Vizyon Green Velvet Cake Mix will assist you to maintain a standard flavour and quality while keeping the cake’s freshness for a longer time. In a convenient, resealable foil pouch or the larger, bulk craft bag, the powder mixture will ensure you make fantastic tasting velvet cakes whenever you need.

 Additional Tips


  • Batter will make around 3 x 20cm cake rings with approximately 550-600g in each. Alternatively, batter can also be  poured onto a cake tray and cut using a cake ring from the tray once baked. Leftover off-cuts can then be grated and used as decoration over the cake.
  • Oil or butter ingredient mix – Sunflower oil generally can be used in place of butter. This may be more cost effective as a cheaper ingredient source.
  • Original Velvet cakes are typically prepared using butter. Note that you should add an additional 1 to 1.5 minutes extra mixing time to obtain a similar texture that an oil ingredient cake.


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