Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers available in store. Do you require a cake topper made to order?. Please call our store and book your cake topper today!.

Note: Custom Cake Toppers Must Be Pre Ordered- Please allow up to 3 days for custom orders. Postage is not advisable for this item due to the fragile nature of the toppers.

MIRROR FINISHES AVAILABLE:-Custom Order yours today!

Gold Mirror                         Silver Mirror                      Blue Mirror                        Pink Mirror


Glitter Finish Toppers:

Gold Glitter Acrylic           Silver Glitter Acrylic          Blue Glitter Acrylic           Pink Glitter Acrylic      

 Standard Acrylic:

Black Acrylic                    White Acrylic                                  Royal Blue Acrylic          Magenta Acrylic

Red Acrylic                       Pink Acrylic                     Blue Acrylic                     Yellow Acrylic