Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers available in store. Do you require a cake topper made to order?. Please call our store and book your cake topper today!.

Note: Custom Cake Toppers Must Be Pre Ordered- Please allow up to 3 days for custom orders. Postage is not advisable for this item due to the fragile nature of the toppers.

MIRROR FINISHES AVAILABLE:-Custom Order yours today!


     Gold Mirror              Silver Mirror         Rose Gold Mirror    Blue Mirror


  Pink Mirror              Green Mirror                 Purple Mirror            Light Blue Mirror



     Red Oak                     Cherry                    Mahogany              Mapel                           Walnut


Glitter Acrylic Finish Toppers:


Gold Glitter                   Silver Glitter                 Blue Glitter                       Pink Glitter 


 Gunmetal Glitter         Red Glitter              Green Glitter

 Standard Acrylic:


Black                       White                     Blue                     Purple                Light Blue             Pink                    Light Pink


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