Available in different flavors, the bluebead glaze is convenient for use on baked goodies. Makes your cakes more colorful and attractive not only to the mouth but also to the eye.

The Blue Bead glaze comes flavored and colored and ready for use on cakes. Clear and shinny, acts as a sweetener and preservative giving your cake the most colorful color.

Scoop out an ample amount of the glaze. Blend glaze with spatula. The bluebead gold glaze prevents cakes from drying and darkening by cutting of air connection and protects their color.

Using instructions:

Put the required amount of cold glaze into a bowl and whip it until it gets a smooth texture so it can be easily applied. If the texture is too thick, add some water and mix until you get desired texture. Place cakes or desserts on a wire tray and pour glaze over your cake or desserts giving it time to flow down. Remove from tray place on a board and decorate as desired.

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